• 5 Tips to Maintain Your Friendships

    5 Tips to Maintain Your Friendships

     Modern-day technology and communication devices make it easy to connect online. However, busy lifestyles, careers and family life take up more time priority and many friends grow out of touch and lose contact over time. Loneliness can contribute to ill health and depression. Having a few close friends can do more than help you pass the time. Friendships can boost your health and...
  • Tips for designing Modern Minimalist Style ✏️

    Tips for designing Modern Minimalist Style ✏️

    Here are our ideas about how to designa Modern Minimalist Style for your home. Furniture Features:We emphasize functional design, about lines simple and smooth, strong color contrast, which is the characteristic of modern style furniture; we use a lot of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary materials, is also a common decorative techniques of modern style furniture, can bring people...
  • Benefits of Bedtime Stories

    Benefits of Bedtime Stories

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    Reading stories at bedtime has been a long-standing tradition in most households. It helps your kids fall asleep listening to the sound of your voice and keeps them entertained enough to sit still and settle into bedtime mode. Apart from these precious bonding moments bedtimes stories have many great benefits for your child. It grows and develops their imagination Reading narratives stimulates a part...
  • Five Facts About Velvet You May Do Not Know

    Five Facts About Velvet You May Do Not Know

    Velvet has always been synonymous with luxury and class. Worn by royalty and the elite, it was a very expensive and sought-after fabric. In modern times, velvet is far more accessible and often used to create ‘vintage’ looks and décor. What is velvet? It is a densely piled fabric with a plain back. It has a soft, plush feel to it hence the expression...
  • Does Race Exist?

    Does Race Exist?

    Recent events in the United States have sparked renewed global awareness on race as a new movement has surfaced to fight against the inequalities faced by minority groups in the country. The same inequalities occur in many other countries and millions of people worldwide stand in solidarity with the cause. It also sparks the age-old question: Why can’t we all get along? What is...
  • How to get out of depression and sadness

    How to get out of depression and sadness

    Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, sadness, excessive worry – all these conditions can affect your quality of life. Depression can damage your brain and increase the risk of major psychological disorders. Sadness is normal and part of everyday life. However, research shows that when it becomes excessive and you can’t control it, it leads to stress and eventually to one of the major depressive...
  • How to Wash and Care for Cotton Products

    How to Wash and Care for Cotton Products

      Cotton is one of the most widely used textile materials in the world. It’s used to make numerous fabric materials from corduroy to denim to khaki and many more. There’s a good chance that if you’re wearing socks, underwear or a T-shirt right now, you’re wearing cotton. With so much of our clothing and bedding being made from cotton, we thought we’d offer...
  • Five Facts About Cotton That You May Do Not Know

    Five Facts About Cotton That You May Do Not Know

    1. The region that grows the most cotton is in the southern half of the Asian continent, including China, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, Transcaucasia and parts of West Asia, with cotton production accounting for over 50% of the world's total cotton production. The southern United States, which accounts for more than 20% of the world's cotton production, is the world's largest cotton export region....
  • Tips To Help Yourself Stay Cool Before Bed

    Tips To Help Yourself Stay Cool Before Bed

    Tip one: regulate environment temperature Tip two: take a bath Tip three: choose quality bedding Tip four: wear socks Have you ever experienced those ridiculous summer nights that the temperature is hard to bear, but you do not turn the air conditioner up and think you can get it over if you fall asleep? Tossing and turning in the bed, you may find it...
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