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Our story

As a sleeping industry products developer, I am always curious about people's sleep quality. I even asked my friends how about their sleep. Seven out of ten have replied that they did not sleep well, and some said their sleep has worsened over time. No matter what, the thing they all have in common is that they want to improve their sleep quality. They have even searched for better bedding products. With more than a third of Americans rating their sleep quality as "poor" or "only fair" in a recent study by the national sleep foundation, we have made our mission to put that statistic to rest.
Could the sheets or pillows you are using not be the best for you? Shouldn't you be able to count on them to give you the best night's sleep?
When searching on the internet and everyone wants to find something special and valuable, but most of the products we saw were quite basic and less innovative. Traditional bedding all looks the same, feels the same, and pretty much acts the same. This is because most brands use similar materials and technology, including fabrics all the way to the filling. These normal materials can't solve your sleep problem because you need better ones. You deserve a night of quality sleep; you need to wake energized, your bed has to work hard—so we engineered technology unlike anything else out there.
SLEEP ZONE is special because it is something we wanted to use in our own lives, so we concentrated on every detail to ensure that the product is designed perfectly. We want to improve your sleep, by innovation and new techniques all geared to improve your sleep and life quality. We made basic bedding with performance and functions, thus giving you more benefits beyond that.

Our value propositions

Innovations for the bedding

Designed with materials for protection, cooling, softness, comfort, style, and wellness. SLEEP ZONE's home textile innovations reflect our vision to improve the quality of life for consumers. Allowing us to bring innovative bedding products to North American consumers.

Affordable luxury

Leading the way for bedding companies, we are armed with two things: an amazing product and an incredible customer-based experience. Today, we are going to make thoughtfully designed products to improve the everyday lives of our customers at SLEEP ZONE®. We believe the customer experience is of the utmost importance. You can always rely on the SLEEP ZONE®.


Honest Pricing + High Quality + Amazing Performance+ Free Returns + Fair Warranty + Award-Winning + Customer Support and engagement.

Our offers

The performance bedding
At SLEEP ZONE®, to improve the overall sleep and life as well as to help you achieve a healthier life. We will bring you bedding products with premium quality, superior technology, and new Fabric innovation. This will give you the best performance products, all beyond basic functions, all while providing you with a fantastic experience at affordable prices. We care about your quality of sleeping experience and your health. SLEEP ZONE® products are products you can be proud to use for your whole family, just for you or even as gifts.
Why did you re-engineer fabric?
Most old-school fabrics prioritize softness over everything else. But we see that as a given, so we set out to engineer materials that will feel good and stay cool.
SLEEP ZONE® Performance bedding utilizes proprietary heat- and moisture-wicking fabric technologies, such as Nanotex® coolest comfort. With these innovations, SLEEP ZONE® enhances your ability to regulate your body temperature at night, which helps to give you more energy to enjoy your daily activities and achieve more. You can't cheat sleep – but you can get more benefit out of the time you spend in bed.
By blending innovative fabric technology with contemporary design, we strive to make stylish and functional products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
Our customers often ask us how we are able to deliver such great prices, well it's pretty simple: we cut out the middlemen and importers who normally command extremely high markups, then we pass these savings to you. We sincerely thank each of our customers for purchasing our products. We take pride in every single stitch and thread and material that goes into our products, we know the importance of items that go into your home and life, it can't just be a sheet or a pillow, it has to be "fantastic experience and a magic moment of your life."
For the ultimate night's sleep, indulge yourself in cooling, soft, breathable, style, and luxury with our bedding products.