We innovate for a better future. 

So, we’re really excited to introduce our brand-new "Sleep Zone-Meet Designer" program where we plan to join forces with talented artists like you to develop our beddings. 

Why Design with Us

① Professional & energetic

We have 30 years of experience in the bedding industry. By combining our dreams with your design, we could bring the consumers a “new comfort” life together.

② Bright commercial gains

We have huge sales and 60,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, Wayfair, and Website, so your design will quickly be embraced and gain business prospects.

③ Talent recognized by more 

We will promote your designed beddings not only on this website, but also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to let the world see your talent.

Choose the Collaboration

One-TIME collaboration:

You provide any of your works at any time.
We pay by the number of patterns selected.
Payments are negotiable.

REGULAR collaboration: 

Qualified designers can choose to work with us in long-term partnerships.

Payments are negotiable.

AFFILIATE collaboration:

Designers can get a percentage from the sales of products featuring their pattern.

Payments are negotiable.

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