Save the People

WIth Our Charity Program

“Join us as we revisit our roots, tracing the path from bright idea to industry disruptors with a plan to fight environment change while creating beautiful things. ”  

——  CEO/Founder, Alex

We believe in giving back

We believe in several important tenants that guide our decisions and make up the very fabric of our company: Fairness; Sustainability; Transparency; Equality; Responsibility.

WE response to the Charities

  • Children's Defense

  • Anti Racism Fund

  • The fund for Homeless

Our ongoing Community in FB Group

#Loving for Kids

Family Drive by Sleep Zone Charity

What We Made



Our aim is to inspire our community with our designs and styling, in addition to using our ever-growing platform to give back. So we are dedicated to shining a light on a charitable cause that is close to their heart.