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Can’t Sleep? Try Meditation Before Bed & Apps to Help

What is Meditation

In today’s fast-faced society, it's easy to become stressed when everyone has a busy schedule. Many of us have heard about the concept of mediation and have jumped on the bandwagon due to the hype. Today, we are talking about what is really is!

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Although it’s hard to pin point the exact origin of meditation, we know that meditation has been a practice in Buddhism in both India and China. Meditation is a way to train your mind through stressful situations and regulate your nervous system. There are two types of meditations: concentration meditation and mindful meditation. Concentration mediation is when you focus on a certain object and clear your mind at the same time, and mindful meditation is when you become aware of each thought that arises in your head during the meditation process.


Meditation Before Sleep

Here is one way to meditate:


  1. First lie down comfortably and set up your surrounding as you enjoy. You may even light a candle and put a blanket on yourself.
  2. Then, close your eyes and here comes the important part: breathe naturally, but focus on each breath you take.
  3. Beware of how your body parts feel: your arms, your shoulders, your toes, your fingers, etc.
  4. If you find your mind wander around, simply shift your thoughts back to your breaths again.

Although you can meditate anywhere at anytime, meditation before bed can have many benefits. When you meditate before sleep, the process helps you relax and enter sleep faster with fewer burdens. You also are likely to have less intense dreaming. However, it is important to space out your meditation time and your bed time because meditation is supposed to be done fully awake. It is supposed to train your mind when you are conscious.


How to Meditate in Comfort

As mentioned before, to create a better environment for meditation, you are recommended to set up your surroundings as comfortably as you can. Meditation is prone to distraction, and being in a uncomfortable place will undermine the purpose mediation. If you are meditating in your bedroom, make sure that your room temperature is regulated and that your pillows are comfortable. Sometimes a comfortable mattress pad can help too. For example, SLEEPZONE ® mattress pad incorporates cooling nanotechnology into the fabrics, which can provide meditators a cool but comfortable surface to sit and lie on. Also, SLEEPZONE ® pillowcases are made of satin, which not only provide a cooling surface but also reduces hair statics. These bedding products are all things that can help you meditate better and provide a stylish, comfortable self-care environment.

Meditation Apps and Music

To help you achieve the best meditation result, here are some apps that we love: Insight Timer, Headspace, Calm, Yogaglo, etc. Also, we recommend that you pick out some meditation music to enhance the calming effect. Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube are all good sources for wide ranges of mediation music.

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