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Let’s kick the cold out!

What we intent to

We know the people of Texas have been through some tough times. So, we would love to help by giving away some of our products. If you are in Texas, please fill in the form to apply. If you have friends in Texas, share this page: Sleep Zone Kick The Cold with them. A bedding gift will be sent to the selected ones.

How to apply

1. Qualification: 1/People who are living in Texas ; 2/Follow @SleepZoneLife on Facebook & Instagram;

2. What to do: Finish the form below with your info, more detailed are preferred; 

3. After verification, we will choose people from the applied list; The selected list will be announced every 2 days. An email will be sent to those who have been selected. A total of 30 products will be given away.

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Your Bed Size:

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