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Ways To Make Your Brain Sharper

Improve your thinking and language ability

  1. Read as much as possible. Reading can exercise your brain well. You can read newspapers, magazines or books. The harder it is to read, the better the effect of exercising the brain. As with other exercises, it is best to make some small attempts first, and then slowly increase the intensity of the exercise. Try to read some books that can learn new things, such as history books or other subjects you are interested in.
  2. Write something. Writing requires hard thinking. You can write an original story, record what happened to you, or target a topic you know or love.
  3. Increase your vocabulary. You can use a dictionary or a word-a-day calendar to learn new words. This method can exercise the language portion of your brain.
  4. Learn a new language. Learning languages ​​is like hacking into the brain, opening various channels in the brain. This method can exercise the part of the brain that stores language information, and even allows you to master the mother tongue better. Learning languages ​​is a great way to learn new things and challenge the brain constantly. Even if you only learn some simple words or phrases, you can exercise your brain.
  5. Use your non-dominant hand. If you are used to using the right hand, practice using the left hand. If you are left-handed, try using your right hand. This method stimulates areas of the brain that control muscles.
  6. Learn a musical instrument. Learning musical instruments or vocal training are activities that require long-term persistence, so they are also a good way to challenge the brain. You can participate in corresponding courses, use teaching videos for self-study, or join groups such as choirs to do some music-related things.


Playing games to exercise your brain

  1. Play little crosswords and other intellectual games every day. Simple mind games like crosswords can help the brain do some basic exercises. And it is convenient and simple, you can practice every day. There are also many free intellectual games online.
  2. Consider playing chess. Chess is a very tactical and strategic game. Chess trains the brain more than intellectual games. Chess is easy to learn and the rules of the game are simple.
  3. Play video games appropriately. In fact, playing video games properly can make you smarter. Games that need to solve problems are like an aerobic exercise of the brain. They can train your creativity, let you solve problems better, and make your thinking more agile.


Socialize more

  1. Talk to people. Talk to them about something you know or they know. Discuss politics, religion and other challenging topics. What you want is real discussion, not verbal controversy. This is a good basic exercise for the brain.
  2. Join an interest group. Join an interest group or community and find people with the same interests as you. You can find an interest group, political group, discussion group, or other similar organization. Talking to people with common interests can train your brain and skills.
  3. Be a volunteer. Volunteering can not only improve your interpersonal relationships but also provide you with opportunities to build neurological pathways. Try to be a volunteer at your local food bank, animal shelter, hospital, or nursing home.
  4. When talking to people, put your phone aside. When talking to others, your phone may distract you. So, get into the habit of leaving your phone alone when socializing. When talking with friends, try to put the phone in another room, or just turn off the phone. This will force you to concentrate on the conversation and will also make you work hard to improve your face-to-face communication skills.


Lifelong learning

  1. Learn free courses. If you don't have enough money or time, you can also find many free courses online. Some courses even come from the world's top universities such as Harvard.
  2. Use more of the skills you already have. The brain, much like your muscles, will degenerate if not used. In order to maintain and use your skills anytime, anywhere, you need to do some basic practice, such as doing math. It's kind of a "use it or lose it" situation.
  3. Make something. Whether you want to assemble a robot or make a bench for the hallway, you can exercise your brain well if you think about the steps of making. If you only make a sketch yourself without explanation, the effect is even better. Learn some basic production skills, and then use your creativity to make your brain more flexible.
  4. Choose a new hobby. Learning a new skill is also a good way to exercise your brain. In particular, creative skills like music, dance, and visual arts can exercise all parts of the brain and bring you unexpected benefits.


Keep healthy

  1. Pay attention to diet and exercise. In fact, diet and exercise also affect brain health. If you want to keep the brain at its peak, maintain a healthy diet, eat more protein so that the brain can obtain the required nutrition. Drink as much water as possible. Sports are also good for your health, which can reduce the chance of stroke, and increase the oxygen content in the blood.
  2. Ensure adequate sleep. Scientists have further discovered that sleep plays a vital role in maintaining brain health. When you sleep, the body expels toxins from the brain and repairs the brain. If you want to protect your brain, you must ensure regular and adequate sleep.
  3. Change your daily routine. Try commuting from different routes to prevent you from neglecting your brain because of your monotonous life. You can also change the way you work, such as using exercise balls or other things during work.
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  • Mary grace Martin
    Mary grace MartinMay 06, 2020

    Thank you so much Sleep Zone for sharing this awesome ideas .It really helps a lot to me.

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