Unlock the Door to a Deeper Sleep


If you're getting the recommended hours of sleep which is 7 to 9 hours but still don't feel fresh in the morning it is more than likely that you are not getting deep sleep. Deep sleep is 10-20% of the entire night and it is that part of sleep in which your body undergoes repair and replenishment. When deep sleep is induced your brain activity is slowed down, allowing your body to regain the energy it spent throughout the day. So, how do you ensure you get deep sleep at night? Let explore some ways on how this is possible.

Sleep Routine

It is important that you follow a consistent sleep routine and cycle. Make sure your body clock follows a schedule, sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. Your sleep routine may include reading a book or taking a bath before bed.


One of the many benefits of exercise is enabling better sleep. On average about 30 minutes of exercise during the day can induce a better quality of sleep at night. However, it is important that you do not work right before going to bed. Light exercise such as walking and yoga can help improve your sleep.


It is important to keep a healthy diet, especially when it comes to dinner or the last meal before you sleep. Research has shown having a low carb diet helps your body go into a deeper sleep as opposed to when you take a more mixed nutrient diet. Another aspect of the diet is the drinks you take at night. For a good night's sleep, it is important to have water and decaffeinated drinks and avoid alcohol, coffee, and nicotine before sleeping.


Give your body some downtime and avoid stimuli like television, mobile phones, and even bright lights, just before bedtime. Excessive exposure to these stimuli can make it harder for your body and brain to relax and go into the deep sleep that you require for proper resting and to feel fresh once you’re up!

Comfortable Bedding

Another factor that is of utmost importance is your bedding, make you have a comfortable mattress-it doesn’t have to be the most expensive mattress; most people prefer a mattress that is median; not too soft, and not too hard. Moreover, it is important to have the ideal kind of pillows to ensure that your head is well-rested. Most people prefer feather pillows, as they keep dust particles away.

The next time you feel unrested, make sure to try out the tips listed above. With the help of these changes in your everyday life, you can get a better deeper sleep and feel more relaxed when you wake up. Therefore, don’t wait, start making these changes today, get to dreamland, and have a deeper sleep!


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