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The Worst and Best Way To Rest Or Take A Break


When it comes to the break time at work, what kind of way of rest will you choose?

The worst way to have a rest 

I believe that most young people will play their smartphones as their way of relaxation. People cannot wait to play their smartphones when they have a break time. Some would read micro-blog, messenger, and some others would play games.

However, I regret to tell you that it is the worst habit of playing smartphone for relaxation from the perspective of brain science. Playing a smartphone not only cannot relax your brain but also make your mind more tired.


Our brain will use 90% functions when it is dealing with visual information; therefore, for the people who are working with computers would be quite tired with visual information only. Watching and reading will bring massive stress to our brains. In consequence, we should set ourselves free from visual information when we have a break.

There is another feature of our brain:the stimulation of light will make the brain more exciting. The screen is keeping flashing when you are playing mobile games, which only makes the brain continue to excite and cannot rest well. As a result, we must not play mobile games when we are in a break. The mobile games only make brain exciting and cannot rest at all. On the contrary, it could make the mind more tired.

If the concentration of the brain cannot recover after your rest, the rest is already failed. If you feel more nonattentive, it is no doubt that your rest is noneffective. There is a data that when you take 10 minutes to play the mobile phone during rest, you may have to lose one-hour concentrating time.  


The best way of rest for brain recovery

So how can we take a rest to make the brain perfectly rest and recover?

First, I will ask you one question, what will you do to make yourself most relax and comfortable? You may list as many things as possible that could make yourself relax.  

Listening to music, smelling essential oil, easting, taking a bath, having a sauna, doing massage, hearing to the sounds of the river, hugging sunshine, touching pets, etc. I think the above ways are most popular with people.

However, you have to note that there is the same feature of these ways, which is there is no “Visual sense” used among your “Five sense.”

For instance, listening to music and river is using a “sense of hearing”; eating food is using “sense of taste”; smell essential oil is using “sense of smell”; taking a bath, having a sauna, doing massage and touching pets is using “sense of feeling.”


You should notice that no matter which kind of sense, there is no visual sense used, this is the characteristic feature for having a real relax.

We will stimulate other senses instead of visual sense, it will make people relax, and meanwhile, it also makes the brain rest.

Even though there are lots of ways to rest, listening to music would be your limited choice when you are at the workplace.

There is a more effective and easy way you could do, no matter if it is in working time or another time, that is simply CLOSING YOUR EYES. When you close your eyes, it could block all the visual information enter into your brain, and the mind will come into break time.

The scientist had got some conclusions based on analyzing brain wave when we open our eyes, and the β wave will be the main one, which is the high-frequency brain wave, otherwise, when we close our eyes, there will be a low-frequency α wave in brain wave, which make people relax.

You could close your eyes by putting a cold towel on your eyes if you feel tired when you are working. Or you could lie on the desk with closing your eyes for taking a rest.

The most important thing for closing the eyes for rest is keeping your head clear and thinking nothing in your brain. It is the easiest and practical way to have a rest from the views of brain science.


There are still lots of good ways to expect the means of closing eyes for rest and those previously listed ways of resting the brain. For example, you could talk with a colleague about other stuff besides work, do exercise (such as, take training, move around inside the company, turn your neck and twist your waist, etc.) You could combine these ways to have a rest before you feel tired.

Try it; then you will know it is true!
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