Sleep Zone® Art Museum - EP1

The Birth of Venus's pillow

  • Premium Pillow

Loved by Venus from her birth. It depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth. A Sleep Zone® pillow is what she exactly needs when she has emerged from the sea fully-grown. 

Adam Wants to Sleep

  • Athlete-grade Mattress Pad

God comes to call him to get up, but Adam just wants to sleep. Sleep Zone® Mattress Pad, too cozy for a human to leave.

Perfect proportions

  • U-shape Comforter

Tired of using Vitruvian Man to represent ideal human body proportion, the painter found that Sleep Zone® Comforter has the same features. 

Dance on Mattress Pad

  • Luxury Mattress Pad

This piece was painted after the painter interviewed people dancing on this mattress pad, they told the painter that this Sleep Zone® Mattress Pad was super fluffy and they felt like stepping on the cloud while dancing on it.

Another Self-portrait

  • Sleep Zone®

Bored with apple all the time? Sleep Zone® shows you a new vision.

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Finally, we introduce 5 pieces in Sleep Zone® art museum. 

This is the first show of our art museum collections, 

episode 2 coming soon.

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