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Howdy! We got 10 winners for 'Share your bedroom and win a kid comforter set' giveaway!

All the winners are:
1. Who shared the whole kid's bedroom or at least the whole bed;
2. The photos were not blurred and clear enough to check details;
3. The photos & descriptions shown a good match for our products.

We will have more similar contests in the future, make sure to upload your best material then!

Here is the full list of winners: Chelsey Gomez, Letty Pelayo, Christina Kemmerer Franco, EJ Bognear, Ratna Kumari, Samantha Lincoln, Amanda Assencoa, Seyma Bennett Shabbir, Cliff Plummer, Srivani Ravikanti.

We will conatct each winner soon, let's see how different the kid's room can be! Also, tell your friends if you see their names.

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Many thanks to all fans who entered and shared this giveaway! Keep following!

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