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🎁Hey Winners, you win a Seersucker Comforter Set!🎁

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Dadada! Here are the 10 winners who won '10 Seersucker Comforter Set' giveaway!

Winners are Pamela Sue Fowler, Ronni O'Brien, Jen Schnoor Wagner, Sarah West, Amanda Ball, Sameena Shaikh, Sherry Ann-Evans Huffman, Gina Dollar Gilpin, Jean Allman, Lizbeth Rodriguez.

Congrats! If you're a winner, please send us your address and color/size you want. We will also try to contact each winner soon. Tell your friends if you see their names in the list.

BTW, get 30% Off for fans only! A 20% off code + 10% off on-page coupon!

20% off code: TTLNOIJG
Product Link:

Many thanks to all fans who entered and shared this giveaway! Keep following!

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