Op Ocean Collection

YING × SleepZone®

Inspired by modern pop geometryand marine elements, the collection  uses different shades of color and  geometric patterns to create a visual  impact. Hope to raise awareness of  marine conservation.


Textile and Graphic Designer, HK

YING always found inspirations from natural landscape and hand-painted watercolors and present them in minimalist geometric digital printings. She discovered a good collision and contrast between natural appearance and pop geometry, hand-painted watercolors and digital printings, which also contains the philosophy of "Zen”.

YING’s creation express the tranquility and transformation of nature through those modern dazzling patterns and to draw people's attention to the theme of nature and humanities in a modern form.

Inspired by those different colors of

Contaminated Bubbles

The bubble pattern is hand-painted in watercolor and digitally presented.

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"I truly want to help in Efficient Reduction of Environmental Problems all over the world!"

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