Warmth for the body and the heart.

We start here.

Amid the cold season, we helped a couple of families that are living with hardships by adding warmth with our products. This inspired us to think, why not start a charity program that will help more families and people in need?

Thus,“SLEEP ZONE® Charity” was born, and we want to let our wonderful customers and fans to know that we have your backs and are looking out for you!

We realize these four meaningful things every year.

Family Drive

Providing for 10 families' bedding needs for the entire year.

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Sleep Drive

Giving out 100+ products to people living below the line.

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A Kid's Wish

We have prepared warm and soft gifts to realize children's dreams.

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Community Drive

Partnering with charity programs to help larger groups of people.

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Look at something else?

Green Sleep

what we are committed to.

New Comfort

what we are creating.