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Love Is Never Absent - Sleep Zone® Charity Program

Where we started

In March 2020, we launched the first Sleep Zone Charity Program 'Your Children, We Care', focusing on children’s sleep improvement.This time Sleep Zone® Charity will care for families who need better sleep.

What we intent to

Therefore, we want to help families who want to create a better sleep environment/quality but perhaps be restricted by a tight budget.

How to apply

1. Qualification: You, your families, friends, or anyone you know who are in need but living on a limited budget; 

2. What to do: finish the form below with your info, more detailed are prefered; 

3. We will choose families from the applied list;

4. Moreover, it would be lovely if you can help to share this page to reach more people in need.

 Your Name:

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 How many people in your family?

 How many kids in the family?

Why do you apply for Faily Drive?