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What to do when you can't sleep all night tips for your good night sleep

Up counting sheep? 68% of Americans who struggle to fall asleep at least once a week, so it's not just you: Most Americans struggle to fit in a full night's sleep.

Whether you’re in need of a super-soft pillow and mattress pad or just need your brain to slow down and relax, lying awake at night can be not only uncomfortable — it will even have an effect on your mental well-being and performance following day.

So what can you do when you can’t sleep all night? Here are some common culprits that might be keeping you up, along with our tips to help you fall back asleep, have a good night.

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Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

If you’re having hassle catching Zs, you may wish to place confidence in the basis reason behind your sleep struggles. Is it a physical issue, like being uncomfortably heat or having a backache? Or will it stem from mental stimulation like technical school before bed, anxiety, or a giant life change? consider these common reasons for why you’re troubled to sleep off, and what to try to do once you can’t sleep.

Reason 1: Blue light Is Waking You Up

It’s tempting to scroll through social media before hit the fodder, however did you recognize that the blue light from your screen can be inhibiting your ability to sleep?

Reason 2: You Can’t Get cozy

Some nights, you finish up moving and turning for hours, unable to get good position for falling asleep. If you’re powerless to get cozy position, you'll need to do obtaining up for ten to fifteen minutes to offer your body time to reset.

Reason 3: You’re Having Nightmares

Having a nightmare will generally cause anxiety concerning falling asleep once more. to assist you're employed past the nightmare, attempt trying into what your dreams mean to see the basis reason behind the difficulty.


Tips to help you fall asleep quickly before bedtime

If you’re lying in bed unable to fall asleep, check out these tips to help you doze off.
  1. Keep your room Cool, Dark, and comfy

To create a comfortable sleep setting, you’ll wish to create certain your area is cool and dark at time of day. analysis has found that the best temperature for sleep is around sixty to sixty seven degrees Fahrenheit (15 to nineteen degrees Celsius).

Besides, you’ll wish to make sure there’s no bright lights (like a phone screen) which will disrupt your slumber. If you would like to optimize your chamber for a peaceful transition between day and night, think about obtaining a glow lightweight to lull you into a relaxed, deep sleep.

  1. Do Calming Yoga

If you’re moving and turning, it should result in feelings of restlessness. a good thanks to counteract this can be by doing a little calming yoga for sleep to reset your mind and calm your body.
A recent study found that each resistance exercise and stretching before bed LED to vital enhancements in sleep disorder patients — and doing yoga before bed doesn’t mean you wish to be an individual's cracker. an easy five-minute yoga session with low-intensity positions like child’s cause (Balasana) may simply be the factor you wish to relax and relieve tension therefore you'll be able to doze peacefully.
  1. Relax Your Muscles

If you’re attempting to go to sleep to no avail, you would possibly wish to provide muscle relaxation strategies a trial. Studies have shown that these physical relaxation techniques will facilitate improve the standard of your sleep.

One common muscle relaxation technique is that the military technique, that involves lying down on your bed and slowly restful the muscles in your body, beginning together with your face and dealing all the way down to your toes.

Here’s the way to perform the military technique once you’re tired however can’t sleep:

  • Lie down in your bed and unharness tension from your body.

  • Start by tensing the muscles in your face then permitting them to relax, and work

  • Slowly down your body till you reach your toes.

  • Once your whole body feels comfortable, begin to require deep, calming breaths.

  1. Put Your Phone Across the area

Scrolling social media before bed has become a commonplace habit for many folks — if truth be told, nine out of ten Americans truly use technology devices before bed. However, exploitation school before sleeping has been shown to negatively impact sleep quality. this can be part due to the blue lightweight emitted by screens, that is meant to stay you feeling awake and alert.
If you’re guilty of grabbing your phone once some minutes of agitated and turning (no judgement), you may wish to think about shift off the screen and inserting your phone across the area thus it’s tougher to achieve for at midnight.


Being tired but unable to sleep is an extremely frustrating situation. While you’re up restless at night, it can feel even more difficult to wake up the next morning. Whether it’s a one-time thing or you’re consistently up counting sheep, we hope this guide can help you figure out what to do when you can’t sleep, and give you some tips for how to fall asleep.

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