How to Cope With Daylight Saving Time. Five Tips to Keep You Energized


Daylight saving just ended, and although this time around it was easier since we gain an hour of sleep, we thought it would be the best to have a conversation on how to cope with day light saving time in general.


Here are some tips we got for you:


  • When you enter daylight saving time, gradually make transition and go to bed 15 minutes earlier each day. This will be especially helpful if you have children.


SleepZone, daylight saving time, bedding


  • If you have just experienced the start of daylight saving time, it would be physically harder for you to adjust since you have just lost an hour of sleep. However, take a nap at noon will make you more energized and rejuvenated in the afternoon.


  • If you have just experienced the end of daylight saving time, you will feel that night comes faster. Get up half an hour earlier than your past morning clock  so you won’t toss and turn for too long at night.


  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Moderate exercise like walking helps you sleep better if your circadian rhythm is having trouble adjusting to daylight saving time change.


  • Change your sheets! New season, new time, new sheets! Research has shown that when your bed sheet is comfortable and cool, it helps you sleep better. When it’s at the change of seasons, temperature is usually unbalanced which can affect sleep. Using sheets that are temperature regulating can help. For example, sheet covers from SLEEPZONE® is made from Nanotechnology that change the fabric on a molecular level, making it temperature-balanced, anti-bacteria, breathable, and durable


SleepZone, daylight saving time, bedding


Here you go! Above are some tips that we thought might help you get a sense of how to cope with daylight saving.

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