What Sports/Exercises To Help Us Sleep Better?

Back to 24th Jan 2020, we posted and asked our fans what kind of Sports/Exercises they choose to get better sleep. Surprisingly, we got more than 580+ comments with various answers! How awesome!

After read all the comments very carefully, we made a chart to show the votes and hope this can help more to refer, then lead a better sleep.

Among all these comments, the top 5 choices are Walking, Swimming, Running, Yoga, and Chasing A Toddler (which is not supervising at all, lol).

Sleep Better With Sports

Also, some genuine tasted fans offered unique options, such as Wrestling or Canoeing, cool!

Then we checked some data to support the theory and found something that we believe will make this idea better, like:

  1. What time of day is best?
  • Evening: This isn't the best time to exercise, especially if you're looking for ways to help you sleep. The reason for this is that exercise releases endorphin, which raises your adrenaline levels, making you more energized and, therefore, unlikely to fall asleep quickly.
  • Morning: Exercising in the morning can be an ideal way to begin your day - if you are a morning person, that is. Endorphins will soon kick the thought of an early morning out of your mind and will carry you into the day.
  • Afternoon: If mornings seem daunting, go for the afternoon exercise session. Keep in mind that it needs to be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime to allow your body to relax after the endorphin high.

2. Other options if you're not able to do regular/dangerous sports.

  • Walk/cycle or run to work instead of drive
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Engage with your family by doing something active.


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