Dreams and what they mean (Which one did you have?)

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Dreams are usually made from our unconsciousness, and there are common type of dream symbols that occur in our sleep. It helps to analyze our dreams and tap into our unconsciousness.


Ever dreamed of falling? Sometimes you could even feel the gravity pulling you down. The symbolism of falling can mean that you are experiencing negative things in your life and that you might want to take a different direction. It is a symbol of fear, and a reminder that you need to start afresh in some aspect of your life.

Being Chased

This one comes up pretty often during a conversation with a friend. Dreaming about being chased usually means that you are trying to avoid or escape something; it can be your fears or desires. If an animal chases you in your dream, it might mean that you are hiding from your own anger or passion. If you are chased by a mysterious figure, it could represent a childhood trauma. If someone of opposite sex chases you, you are probably trying to run from a relationship.

Dreaming about death

If you dream about a beloved dying, or you dream about yourself dying, it can mean that you are experiencing changes, which can mean good and bad things. Sometimes when a parent dream of dying, it might be because that his/her child is growing up and he/she is holding onto the younger version of the child.

Dreaming about flying

This one is pretty common and experienced by many. Dreams about flying can be exciting and frightening. This can mean that you are either trying to be free of something or you are feeling independent.

Dreams can be fun but don’t forget to look past the rose-colored lenses! Sometimes it can help you connect to your own feelings when you can’t make sense of them. However, we do not suggest you to take these interpretations at face value as they are merely a suggestion. Please see a qualified professional if you are experiencing emotional or mental struggles.


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