Can't Sleep and Don't Know Why: Different Types of Sleep Issues


Upper airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)

 This means there are recurring breathing events during sleep due to narrowing of your upper airway. This can be snoring and brief and frequent arousal during sleep.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD)

 Have you ever had leg jerk when you sleep? When this happens often, you might want to look into periodic limb movement disorder. This is when you have constant limp movement during sleep due to arousal of certain brain region.


this is very rare but it is a chronic sleep disorder. We all know there is panic attacks, but have you Heard about “sleep attack”? This means you have sudden desire to sleep during the daytime without warning. This maybe accompanied by sudden loss of muscle movement, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucination.


 This one is common. There are transient or intermittent insomnia and chronic insomnia. It can happen during a specific stressful period in life, and it can happen as a regular part of your life.

 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

This involves increased muscle tone during sleep and the person might act out their dreams in bed or engage in their dreams physically. This can cause injury to bed partners.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder

Your circadian rhythm is a biological process that is driven by internal mechanisms and external stimulations. When you talk about “biological clock”, you are talking about the circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is mostly driven by sunlight.“Jet Lag” often is an indication of circadian rhythms disfunction, but since it is natural for everyone, it is not yet a disorder. However, when you have sleep phase delay/advancement, it is alarming when it persists. sleep phase delay is an increasing problem especially with adolescents, due to the prevalence of electronic devices. This disorder can lead to delayed work schedule and result in poor performance at work and school.


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