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27 tips to back to simple life ✏️—“Danshari” life style

In this post, we’re going to talk about ideas you can use to help you back to simple lifestyle. It’s very common to complicate things in daily life. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of simplicity to help un-complicate the complicated. 

So, have a glass of ice juice and let’s start now.


  • Simplify your packages

  • Mini, Mini and Mini Belongings

  • Travelling with light packs

  • Re-use

  • Fix things instead of throwing

  • Pay more attentions to things around you

  • Simplify your plans

  • Carry less

  • Drink a cup to Tea or Coffee everyday

  • Reduce complaints

  • Reduce time with social media

  • Enjoy home

  • Health lifestyle

  • Walk after dinner

  • Leave more time to think

  • Consider the climate

  • Clean your room

  • Get rid of Sadness

  • Leave some time belongs to yourself

  • Do more exercise

  • Rent instead of owning

  • Reduce embellishing belongings

  • Do one thing at a time

  • Trust yourself can do the vest

  • Emmmm…the last one is left for you to add: do things make you happy all the time!

Thanks for reading 27 tips to back to simple life. For comments and thoughts, feel free to share with us. 💌


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