­čśśWe will pick 10 fans from all our followers­čśś

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It was August 30, we said we would pick 10 fans from all followers, when we reach 2000 followers. Now, it is the time.

We will post the list of winner later today, so excited!

#SleepZone #SleepBetter #Bedding #Giveaway #Winners

Original 1000 followers post:


Sleep Zone

Published by BufferAugust 30

Celebrate our 1,000 followers. Thanks for every of you!
BTW, we will giveaway 10 products for free to 10 winners from all followers, when we reach 2,000 followers, help us grow!

#SleepZone #SleepBetter #Bedding #HomeImprovement #SocialFans

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