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😘A surprise to our active fans! 30 Products as Gifts!😘

This post was originally posted on our Fanpage:


Our social media data analyzer, Garrison, found that some of our fans are very active. They interacted with almost every post, liked the post, told their friends about Sleep Zone®, etc. We received countless love from you.

However, not all of them were winners in previous giveaways, so we decided to deliver a big thanks to this particular group of 'Sleep Better Squad,' we feel so beloved with your love!

Carrie Newman, Anna Loomis Russell, Tonya Swain, Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett, Laurie Nelson, Dana Leatham, Yhajaiira Rodríguez, Vanessa Riley, Ashley Booker, LynnPickel, Christine Susan, Milinda Boyer, Manish Saxena, Tammy Cooney, Dawn Raasch, Sandy Simons, Donna Yost, Amber Azelton, Rebecca Bishop, Angela Meek, ReneeDennis Simmons, Kathy Grudzinski, Tamber Couch, Teena Sierson, Alana Dimambro, Laurie Dobbin, Jeanie Potter, Donna Louise Shaw, Jen Drake, Shelly Ketcherside

Each winner will get free bedding, and please contact us if you see your name above. Also, tell your friends if you see their names.

Thanks again for all followers, we're so grateful you're all here.

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