💝💝Love Is Never Absent - Family Drive Continues🤗💝

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We started the Family Drive “Love Is Never Absent” by Sleep Zone®Charity Program on May 28 and intend to help families who want to create a better sleep environment/quality but perhaps be restricted by a tight budget.
👉Now the program continues. We will choose families, at PST 10:00 PM on 12th June. 2020, and support them with our bedding products.
Apply in this link:

📌About this event:
1. Qualification: You, your families, friends, or anyone you know who are in need but living on a limited budget;
2. What to do: click the link: Then fill in your information;
Moreover, it would be lovely if you can help to share this post to reach more people in need.

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1) Only Facebook fans of Sleep Zone from the USA will be eligible for this event. 2) This charity event will end at PST 10:00 PM on 12th June. 2020. 3) Facebook does not sponsor or endorse this event. 4) Families will be chosen from all interactivities in this post. 5) We will inform the people who are chosen from this thread. If we're not able to find you on this page, you will need to check back for the announcement.