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🏆💗We Got 5 Winners and 5 Great Ideas!💗🏆

This post was originally posted on our Fanpage:


Attention dears! We got our winners for 'Share your ideas and get five pillows' giveaway!

First of all, we must thank every one of you who shared your ideas and we promise will make some of them come true in future products.

To express our appreciation, here is a 31% off code for the pillow:
Code: L7RQ2CID

The full list of winners is: Sheri Bannon, Janet L. Lloyd Kalisch, Lacey Long, Tmichelle Day, Jess Marie.

Please leave us a message when you see this post. We will contact each winner soon. Also, tell your friends if you see their names.

Many thanks to all the fans who entered and shared this giveaway! Keep following.

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