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🎉10 Extra Thanksgiving Love Gifts + Black Friday Coupon🎉

This post was originally posted on our Fanpage:


It's Thanksgiving and BlackFriday, so we decided to do 2 things:

1.Pick extra 10 fans and send our love gifts to thank you for your touching/heart-warming Thanksgiving stories in this post:

2. Offer 10% - 50% off coupons for all products, visit store here:

Our touching fans are: Megan Greenwood, Allison Andreoli, Jessica Evans, Felicia Hopple Wilcher, Tanya Ann Evans, Yvonne Casey, Tracey Greenwood, Shannon Burnham, Suzanne Triplett, Lisa Lee

Please send us a message if you are listed above.

We want to say a BIG 'Thank You' to every of our fans; it's you who make this Thanksgiving so different and we are grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!

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