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🎉🥂We Got Our Winners (And 30% Off for Fans)🥂🎉

This post was originally posted on our Fanpage:


🥁Drums on...the price of our pillow is.... $34.99!🥁 This time 15 fans guessed the right price. Originally there would be only 10 winners, but we'd like to make our fans happy, so, there are 15 winner now!

Bridget Suzzette Byrd, Hollie Jahnke, Judie Wood Farris, Jo Ann Cowart, Kim JD Vanderpool, Chelsea Amanda, Shelly Naud, Nicole Ricottone, Aaron Reck, Tonia Booker, Teresa Buckles Cramer, Kristi Cervantes, Pamela Erickson, Christina Kemmerer Franco, Samantha Lincoln

🔸The pillow will be on-line in 7 days, here is a 20% Off code: 3YK7HW5U
🔸You will actually save 30% off, because we'll run a 10% on-site discount at the same time then.👻

Original giveaway post:

We will send a message to each winner, reply that message please. Also tell your friends if you see their names.

Also enter the other 2 giveaways:
🔸10 Comforters Giveaways:
🔸Halloween Giveaways:

Good luck to you all!





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