­čÄüWinners for DualShield Water-proof Mattress Protector­čÄü

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Drums on, we got our 20 winners for the 'DualShield Water-proof Mattress Protector Giveaway'!

Here are the winners:
Jessy Koehler, Brandi Wright, Cindy Valentine, Rachel Bittner, Cynthia Robin Davis, Jennifer, Russell, Bonnie Stacy, Pe Thames, Lisyairy Flores, Sandy Hinkle, Angel Tull, William Beckett, Sherri Weeks, Tray Holm, Melissa Tippie, Liiz Barrientos, Deborah Ackerman Purvis, Morbid Manthy, Karen Webster Hunt, Brittany Zewecke

Please contact us and provide your mailing address and bed size if you are a winner. Also, tell your friends if you see their names on the list.

Have a very great day!

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┬áÔÇö with┬áCindy Valentine.

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