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🌈Are You A Winner in This Giveaway?

This post was originally posted on our Fanpage:

Hoogaa, we got our 10 winners for 'Athlete-grade Mattress Pad Color Suggestion Giveaway'!

Here are the names:
Justin Fennell, Brooke Woodberry, Royal Waterbury, Juanita Dickens May, Kathy Sammons, LaurieMason Erickson, Beth Shepherd, Wendy Johnson, Kathy Helms, Leslie Schneider Beard.

Please contact us if you are a winner, also tell your friends if you see their names on the list.

We will decide the colors of this new athlete-grade mattress pad on all the comments, thanks to everyone, you just polled a new product series.

Original giveaway post:

Have a very great day!

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