sleep zone bedding duvet cover cooling 120gsm soft zipper closure corner ties 3pc set navy blue  queen king

This sheet gives advanced temperature regulation performance. The fabric transformed from being a moisture barrier to a moisture conduit, dying 200%+ times faster than cotton.

Authentic product

Lifetime warranty

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Your Best Sleep Partner

Soft, breathable, temperature regulation, seven colors to choose. Humble but perform well. You will love it!

Where we start

Basic element

 yet functional

Simple in look, innovative in design, best for sleep.

What we give

Overheat? Solved!

Treated with the moisture-wicking system, our fabric dries 200%+ faster than 100% cotton and perfectly pulling dampness away from the skin.

Moisture wicking

Super soft & more pleasure 

120gsm highest quality, over-thick, ultra-soft microfiber fabric and double brushed on both sides for ultimate softness and comfort. Be cured from every day softness.


Balance Temperature

Right for your mood

Seven classic colors.

Simple and flexible.

Match various preference, match your style!

Bring you a colorful mood.

More Close-look Details

Double brushed

Top quality, over-thick, Ultra-soft 120gsm Microfiber Fabric that’s double brushed on both sides.

Durable Patent YKK Zipper

50-65 inch long zipper closure, glides more smoothly the more you use it! It will never come off the track.

8 Corner Ties

Keep your comforter & duvet inserted in place to ensure a night of better sleep.

Find your love

10 Colors To Fit Your Room


3 standard sizes for your bed / mattress

A brand you can trust

One of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers.

A leading provider of nanotechnology solutions for textiles – Aquapel™ (water repellency), Coolest Comfort (moisture wicking) and more.

One of the world’s most well-known textile hazardous substance inspection labels.

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