A Dual-Sided Cooling Blanket Designed for Your Summer

Do we need a blanket in Summer?

The answer is YES! Scientifically, a blanket can secure us a better sleep even during hot nights as our body temperatures continue to decline through the evening. And our body loses control of regulating its temperature when we are in the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle. That’s why we need a blanket to help to keep our body at the ideal temperature to avoid shivers in the middle of the night, even on roasting summer nights. Thus, kicking off a blanket and being exposed to frosty AC is not a suggested way to help us cool off.

There is another reason we need a blanket while snoozing--feeling safe. Not only do children need “security blankets”, but we adults also need a cover to sleep with. Dr Anil Rama, MD, a faculty member at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, said that we humans find snuggling with a blanket comforting.

    We know how annoying it can be to get a restless sleep while struggling with toasty nights and wanting to sleep with just-right temperature. Therefore, we designed a reversible cooling blanket, a real game-changer. We recently got featured in Wide Open Country magazine.

According to the editor Rachel Pasche “This cotton jersey blanket offers great airflow and is dual-sided -- the cool-to-the-touch side is perfect for summer, while the soft jersey fabric on the other side is warm and will keep you cozy in the winter.” Rachel also said that this cooling blanket is a great choice to keep in our guest room as it will help any type of sleeper sleep well. We can’t agree more, and this lightweight moisture-wicking blanket is made for year-round use, whether you are a hot sleeper or not.   

Don’t forget to get tucked in tonight.


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