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What's Sherpa Blanket? Why Does it Keep Warm?

The wind is getting colder, and we all know what it means. It is the time to get the warm stuff for you to get cozy in. The Sherpa blanket is the perfect addition to make your cold winter nights cozy, snugly, and warm!


What's Sherpa Blanket? Why Does it Keep Warm?

But First, What is a Sherpa Blanket?

Sherpa blankets are made from materials like cotton, acrylic, or polyester. These are also known as faux shearling or faux sheepskin. You get to have two different sides for the Sherpa fleece blanket – one side having a smooth knit texture and the second side with a texture made to recreate a real sheep's feel and looks. The Sheepa blanket throw is warm, light, soft, and water-resistant.

Sherpa fabric is used in the making of a Sherpa fleece blanket. Some types of these blankets include Sherpa lined blankets known as reversible dual-layered-sided blankets.


What Does it Keep Warm?

A comfortable Sherpa blanket can be an excellent addition to any bed set. Sherpa blankets are among the warmest, coziest blankets that you can get. Not to forget they are innovative too. For example, you can get photos from your computer or phone printed to one side, and on the other side, you will get super cozy fleece ideal for a cuddly experience.

Sleep Zone Sherpa blankets make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to make their winter nights cozy and warm. You can wrap yourself in the comfort of the comfy fabric that will make you feel super comfortable and lightweight yet warm. A Sherpa blanket is perfect for you, your pets and kids.

It is effortless to take care of it as it is highly durable, easy to wash and dry in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to bleach or iron the Sherpa fleece blankets – rest assured that they will stay fresh and functional for years to come, as Sleep Zone products are guaranteed.


Sherpa Blanket Features

Color Selection

Sherpa blankets are available in a range of beautiful and bright colors and play an impressive role in improving the overall appearance of your bedding.

Comfortable and Lightweight 

These blankets are highly comfortable with their cozy texture and high-quality fabric. A Sherpa blanket comes with a soft polished feel that gives the Sherpa blanket throw a smooth finish. When your skin touches it, you feel as if you are touching a silk fabric due to its soft fur present over the upper layer.

Affordable Pricing

Currently, Sleep Zone is offering attractive deals for Sherpa blankets available for our customers. You can get the ultimate luxury without having to overpay for it.

Incredibly Warm

These blankets come with the best quality to provide ultimate protection from the cold weather. The snuggly throws keep the temperature warm and cozy when you are in the blanket, no matter the climate outside.

Easy to Maintain

It is super easy to maintain a Sherpa blanket as it is made from 100% synthetic fabric. You wouldn’t have to dry clean or bleach it, and the best part is that the fabric is breathable.

Are you looking for the best-quality Sherpa fleece blanket for you or as a gift for a loved one?

Get the finest-quality Sherpa fleece blankets from Sleep Zone and make your winter nights warm, comfortable, and snugly!

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