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What to Do with Old Sheets? 12 Ways to Repurpose Old Duvets & Bedsheets

Few things are as exciting as climbing into bed with fresh, new bedsheets; they’re cool, fresh, and (hopefully!) oh so soft. That leaves you with old bedsheets that you no longer need but aren’t necessarily in bad enough shape to throw in the trash. Plus, if you’re environmentally conscious, simply throwing them into a landfill may not sit right with you.

What can I do with my old sheets?

  • Cleaning Cloths

    Cut them into small squares and use them for dusting and cleaning.

  • Cushion Covers

    If you’ve got a sewing machine or sewing kit handy, a cushion cover is one of the easiest things you can put together.

  • DIY Tablecloth

    This is a great option for sheets you still love the pattern of or if you have messy little ones!

  • 60’s-Style Headband

    Cut your sheet fabric and use some good fabric glue to adhere it to a large headband. It’s easy, saves waste and creates a totally original look! You can also simply tie it at the back of your head.

  • Dog Toy

    You can easily create a new chew toy for your dog by braiding fabric from your old sheet together. Simply cut the sheet into strips and braid several at once to get your desired thickness, then knot the ends tightly.

  • Covered Clothes Hangers

    Clothes hangers are generally very dull, and clothes slip off of them easily. You can spruce up your hangers and make clothes less likely to slip off them by covering them in strips of fabric from your old sheets. Knot, glue, or tuck the ends in to secure the fabric.

  • Quilt

    Quilts have somewhat gone out of fashion since new sheets are so inexpensive nowadays, but they are incredibly personal and completely unique.

  • Draft Stopper

    All you need is your sheet, some rice, and a little time. These are so simple but can help keep your house warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and even save on your energy bills!

  • Face Masks

    Turn your sheets into facemasks and never pay for one again! Either sew one from scratch to fit your face or simply cover one you’ve already got with your preferred pattern or color.

  • Tote Bags

    Turn them into tote bags and save even more waste! Bring your cute tote bags to the grocery store, the beach, or the movie theatre. And if you have kids whose bedsheets have become a little tired-looking, repurpose them into small bags for them to carry their toys around!

  • Gift Wrapping

    Use them to wrap your gifts for a waste-free alternative! If you’re wrapping something large, you may have a hard time with tape, so use string, ribbon, staples, or glue instead with an old sheet. There are so many ways to wrap gifts using leftover material, so you can really get creative with this one.

  • Summertime Pajamas

    Turn them into cute summertime pajamas. This works particularly well with floral and striped patterns as they lend themselves to a vintage look.


There’s something so satisfying about saving your old materials from going to waste. You end up saving money because you don’t need to buy as many cleaning rags, napkins, tote bags, and so on. You may also end up learning a new skill, whether that’s sewing, crafting, or painting. So why not get creative and save some material waste?

3 comments on What to Do with Old Sheets? 12 Ways to Repurpose Old Duvets & Bedsheets
  • Linda Tarrer
    Linda TarrerMarch 08, 2021

    These are great suggestions. I’ve always just donated the sheets to some charity. I Have empty wipes containers and I’ll make some rags and store them in it. It will be very handy.

  • Linda Tarrer
    Linda TarrerMarch 08, 2021


  • Linda Tarrer
    Linda TarrerMarch 29, 2021

    These are great suggestions. I’ve always donated my sheets. I have empty wipes containers that I’m going to make cleaning Rags and store them in.

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