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Things You Should Get Rid of & Keep in Your Bedroom!

What is your favorite place on earth? Raise your hand if you answer this question with “my bedroom”. Sometimes we just need a good “staycation” in our beloved personal world that is our bedroom. However, in order to make our little crib more dear-to-heart, we always have work to do. We came up with a list of items that includes some items nice to have in your bedroom, and the others, not so much.


Items You Need in Your Bedroom




While some places are humid all year round, most places during winter can have dry weather that cause skin irritation and reduce air quality. A humidifier in dry weather can reduce risk of infections as bacteria travel slower in humid air. Also, humidity can help you maintain comfortable sinuses, because dry air dries out your sinuses, leaving it prone to bacteria infection.


Stylish Rug, Candles, Fragrance diffusers


Choosing the right decorations for your room is essential for your overall mood. A rug that matches the room’s vibe the icing on the cake. Also, add a fragrance diffuser to your room with your favorite tint of smell: roses seed, cherry blossom, etc. Candles can help warm you up during the winter while adding coziness to your room.


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Don't’ forget to get a nightlight, especially if you have children. Nightlights can help you identify outlines of the objects in your room when you get up during the night, and the light is dim so it won’t disturb your sleep. It can comfort your children and ensure a sense of safety as well.


Air Filter


As technology advances, the environment degrades. There are a lot of places in the country that has smog almost all year round. For example, Los Angeles has been having wildfires for the past couple of years, which causes the air quality to plummet. If you live near the location of those wildfire sources, or if you are living in a city that’s polluted by smog and car exhaust all the time.



 Items You Don’t Need in Your Bedroom


Electronic Device


Although everyone loves a good Netflix session before bed or those late night talks with friends though Facebook Messenger, you want to reduce or give up all together your screen time in the bedroom before you go to sleep. Lights from your screen disturb your brain chemicals and can disrupt your sleep cycle.


Beauty Powders 


Girls (and boys), check your dresser now! Make up like setting powders, powder foundations, powder highlights and eye shadows are all essentials for our beauty routine, but some times we forget to put them away and often leave the lids open. Powders get blown into the air, mixing up with dust. This creates an unattractive and physically unhealthy environment in our bedrooms. We breathe in the powder day and night, which will create respiratory discomfort or even diseases in the long term. Put the make up in your bathroom and leave your bedroom clean


Food and Drinks, Shoes


Who doesn’t like to eat in bed? However, it’s not so fun when you spill, we recommend that you eat outside your room so you won’t sleep in a mess. However, there are some cheat methods with which you can have a nice breakfast in bed like in the movies. Duvet covers like that of SLEEPZONE® are made with fabrics that went through process powered by Nanotechnology, which alters the fabric materials on a molecular level. These sheet sets are spill-proof, breathable and temperature regulating. Even if you spill on them, you will have an easier time cleaning up.

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Don't wear your shoes inside the bedroom. Shoes bring in dust and bacteria indoor. However, sheets covers powered with Nanotechnology are bacteria-resistant, which can alleviate the problem. That is not to say you should bring in your shoes still!

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