How to read comfortably in bed


How to read comfortably in bed

After a grueling day of work, the best way to spend some time with yourself is with a warm beverage of your choice and a book to get lost in. The relief that book reading provides is often unmatched, you feel like you’re spending time to cultivate your brain, and you’ve given yourself a much-needed break after a long, hard day.

Whether you’ve decided on reading on an e-reader or picking up a paperback for your nightly reading, this is a little luxury afforded to you that helps you relieve stress. However, making this experience the best it can means going the extra mile and ensuring that you don’t end up with kinks in your neck or backache because of it.

For proper and well-deserved pampering to unwind after your work, we have listed ways and items you can use to make reading in bed most comfortable.

1.Use a reading pillow 

To avoid sharp pain in your neck, shoulder, or back, using a reading pillow will let you enjoy this activity for longer periods of time. A reading pillow is a backrest pillow chair with arms that stop you from propping up at awkward angles that could potentially cause kinks in your neck or back.

The pillow provides support by cradling your upper body and keeping your back and neck firm. It relieves any aches or pains in your shoulders while reading. Why shouldn’t your reading experience be with utmost comfort? You no longer need to stack up pillows for back support to stay up to read in bed.

2. Get a led book light

When we talk about comfort, the ambiance created matters just as much as how you position yourself for reading. You might want your room to be flooded with soft yellow lights, but those provide hardly enough for you to be able to read. Or if your partner wants to sleep during this time, using a book light is probably the best idea.

Clip the light onto your book or headboard at an angle that the LED beam is directly onto your book’s pages. Enjoy reading without having to worry about your partner being disturbed or disrupting the serene ambiance you’ve created.

3. Focus on your posture 

The key to a comfortable reading experience is finding a posture that you can keep for a long time. The reason we get shoulder or backpain while we read or after is because of a wrong lying pattern.

You might not even remember how you sat, so it is best that you correct your body movements when lying on a flatbed. Here are some effective techniques, especially if you don’t have specific pillows for creating a comfortable position.

  • Stacking pillows 

    Leaning on a pile of pillows is a pretty common way to get instantly comfy when reading a book. This way, you don’t need to raise your hands to hold the book, as your head is already bent in an angle that you can read your book easily. Place the pillows behind your lower and mid-back. Keep a lighter pillow behind your head while supporting your neck. 

  • Holding book on your stomach 

    Holding a book on your stomach is another way to comfortably read without having to prop your book anywhere else. However, this will lead to pain and soreness eventually. Place a lightweight pillow under your chest close to your thighs, add piles of pillows between your elbows and under the chest. This will also give you more control of the book. 

4. Prepare yourself a warm drink 

More than you would give it credit, getting something warm to drink as you read will provide extra comfort and relieves stress. If you choose to drink coffee, the caffeine relaxes your body and freshens up the mind. It also helps you concentrate better as you read. 

5. Ensure comfortable bedding 

Sometimes the idea of reading before sleeping is so you drift off to sleep while reading and in the epitome of comfort, waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Thus, having good quality bedding adds value to this experience. Choosing sheets with a higher thread count and extremely soft to the touch will elevate your reading nights.

Irritating bedding, unclean sheets, or items that aren’t suitable for certain weather can end up being uncomfortable. You might fall into restless sleep or continually feel like you have to adjust your position.

6. Utilize prism glasses 

Prism glasses are an interesting addition you can make your reading equipment, as they are great for lazy bookworms or someone who is simply too tired to make more of an effort. These are a pair of glasses with periscopes over each eye.

As you look forward, they reflect everything down below you. This means you don’t have to stress your neck to read in bed. You can prop a book on your chest, wear the prism glasses and enjoy reading while lying flat on your back with no strain on neck muscles

7. Invest in a book seat 

Holding onto a book for long periods of time can tire your arms, and sometimes even flipping through the pages becomes too much work, especially after a long day you’ve had. A book seat is designed to make reading more effective and easy.

With a book seat, the book remains open, and the only thing you need to do is flip through the pages without ever having to hold the book while you do. A book seat can also be a great way to have snacks or drinks while reading.



Reading books in bed is a great way to unwind and end the night. You can make it more comfortable for you by using the tips mentioned above. Visit Sleep Zone for eco-friendly and ethically created beddings and pillows. 

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