Sleep-Friendly Room Decoration Tips: Don’t Go for “Wowzer”, Go for “Low Key”


Whether you are decorating your dorm room, your master bedroom, or your kid’s room, you don’t want your room to be too dazzling to distract you from sleep. An important thing to remember is that the more subtle the room is, the calmer you will be in it. Here are some general tips that can help you!


  • Choose gentle color. Remember the rule: gentle colors like lavender, hues of blue or green are considered calm and serene. You want your room to be as peaceful as possible because it is the place to rest.


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  • Paint your ceiling a shade darker than the rest or have some subtle pattern on the ceiling. This helps the “lower” the ceiling and create a feeling of intimacy.


  • Choose furniture that has the “right” size. If your room is big, choose furniture that matches the scale. If your room is compact, choose furniture that is small.


  • Choose good lighting. Have different light in your room. Set up a soft lamp for late night reads. You can even get a neon light to set up certain moods for certain occasions.


SLEEP ZONE®,bedroom decoration,life hacks,sleep better


  • Save space by putting up wall shelves. Put objects on the wall shelves so you have more room on your desk and night stands.


  • Find a spot in your room that is “private” and “personal”. Set up a reading spot and put a beanie couch with a nice tiny rug.


  • Get drawers on the bottom of your bed. Pull-out drawers beneath your bed saves space so you won’t have to clutter your room. A messy room equals anxiety!


  • Hang up artwork. Art can be therapeutic. Try artwork that is peaceful and tranquil rather than turbulent.


SLEEP ZONE®,bedroom decoration,life hacks,sleep better


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