How to Shop Like a Pro: Christmas Shopping Hacks


If you are a shopaholic, it is YOUR time to shine. Christmas is coming up, and we all  need to gather all the gifts like a Santa Claus. Now that it is that time of the year, and you will need as many tools and tips as possible to sort through piles of items, both physically and virtually. What to choose? Where is the best deal? Well, we have the answer right here!

There are several questions you need to consider before optimizing your shopping experiences. We will list them out for you below: g


Sizing Concerns


Do you always worry that if you buy something online, you won’t be able to try the clothes on. The best solution for this is to take precaution and use sites that provide free return. A sneaky tip is to buy different sizes first and return the one that didn’t fit later on!


Online Sales


To save on holiday shopping, take advantage on sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Great tip before doing online shopping: install software extension that help you find virtual coupon while you shop!

Get Prime!


If you are shopping on Amazon, get Amazon Prime so you can have fast and free shipping.


Go to outlet malls


For designer items like Nike and New Balance, or even items that are on a higher end, try outlet malls that have huge sales for the holidays. You can usually get up to 60%-70% off if you are lucky.


Looking up reviews before you place an order will help you determine if the item you are buying is worth it. People with previous experience will give you advices, so you don't have to make mistakes!



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