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How to Keep Cool in The Summer


Summer time is a season of joy. Outdoor activities, picnics in the park, vacations and sunshine. Lots of sunshine. When it’s hot and sunny every day, sometimes it can become unbearable. Summer is the hottest time of the year. This means that heat waves and high UV indexes frequently occur during this time. Not everyone has air conditioning in their home to keep them cool. So how can you keep cool in the summer? Here are some hot tips to help cool you down:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing – wearing loose fitting shirts, dresses and cotton fabrics can keep you cool. They give you more room to breathe and move and aren’t constricting. Try to wear lighter colors and avoid dark colors as they tend to draw more heat.
  • Use a fan – as previously mentioned, not everyone can afford an air conditioning unit. The solution to this is to use a fan. A standing oscillating fan, ceiling fan or even a small portable fan can help circulate the air around you and keep the temperature down.
  • Take cold showers – on a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold shower. Especially after coming in from activities outdoors, or before bed time. Cold showers cool your body temperature they are also invigorating and great for your skin.
  • Use cotton bedsheets – On hot nights it can be really hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Use light cotton bedding to keep your mattress cool. Use a light blanket or none at all.
  • Go to the mall – hang out at the mall or other air-conditioned recreation venues. If you don’t have AC at home, you can make use of the cool air at these locations.
  • Cook less stove top meals – Cooking produces a lot of heat in the kitchen, if you don’t have a range hood to help suction out the hot air. Make more salads and light dishes that require very little stove top time. Sandwiches, wraps, fruits and readymade snacks are a great option.
  • Eat spicy food – spicy foods produce more heat in your body and makes you sweat. However, when you sweat it’s your body’s mechanism to cool you down as the air comes into contact with your skin.
  • Hydrate – keep your body cool by drinking a lot of water during the day. If you are spending time outdoors in the sun this is essential. Electrolyte replacing drinks such as Gatorade or coconut water are also good to drink especially after working out, playing sports or walking outside all day. Drink cold water and keep a good stock in the fridge. If water is too bland for you, try infusing your water with cucumbers, lemon or fruits.


It's important to practice discretion when outside on a summer day. If it’s too hot or there is a heat wave, limit your outside activities. Always wear sunscreen, hats and other protective clothing. Listen to advisories for updates on the daily temperatures and UV index. Soak up the sun on bright summer days but remember to stay safe and keep yourself well hydrated.

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