How to choose a safety weighted blanket for your kids?

weighted blanket is a common thing used in several psychiatry and therapy clinics but is now become present in the mainstream market for those who want to take advantage of the many benefits linked with it.

How kids Weighted Blankets Work?

As the name shows, weighted blankets are heavy blankets that are weighed down by glass beads and other kinds of fillers to endorse deep touch pressure. Deep pressure can cool down one’s arousal levels through self-control. Deep pressure stimulation releases more dopamine and serotonin in the body, which helps individuals feel calm and relaxed. There is some study explaining that the weight felt on the body, plus tender touch, can help stimulate some parts of the limbic system, which is liable for regulating panic and sentiment. Moreover, those who have sensory processing disorders be apt to be sensitive to touch. It looks that the use of weighted blankets can soothe them.

Why Get a Kids' Weighted Blanket?

There are numerous causes why parents want to weighted blankets for kids, particularly for those who have been identified with sensory processing disorder or even autism. This is due to the deep touch pressure (DTP) that this blanket delivers to their children. However, here are few reasons why buying weighted blankets for kids should be considered.

  • It helps with anxiety and sleep.

    Weighted blankets have been suggested to help lessen anxiety due to their deep touch pressure. For kids who feel restless at night, in a new location, or even in the classroom, having a weighted blanket might help. Kids who are spotted with autism might use weighted blankets to help them get a good sleep at night. Even kids who have insomnia can take advantage of this blanket as the weight makes them feel safe.

  • Stress-free transition

    Parents and teachers are attentive that getting kids with autism to move from one activity to the next can be difficult due to their hyperactivity. Therefore, some schools implement weighted blankets for kids with special requirements to help them focus on the next assignment.

  • A Soothing Tool for Childhood Syndromes

    Kids diagnosed with sensory problems are expected to experience sensory burden, which can result in breakdowns when not addressed rapidly. A weighted blanket can potentially help in these disorders.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

    ADHD affects millions of kids internationally, with several carrying this disorder into their middle age. Parents who have kids with ADHD realize that using a weighted blanket can help them to relax. This is particularly true when kids with ADHD show tantrums or when they are out to sensory load. In addition, the weight of the pellets or glass beads stitched in the blanket can provide deep pressure calming relief.

  • Helpful in Autism

    Though not all kids with autism have sensory processing disorder, for those who do, some parents discover that using weighted blankets as a tool can help kids with their sensory input. This is as the weight from the blanket on their body imparts them more consciousness. Not just that, but a weighted blanket for kids might help them to sleep on their own as the deep touch pressure mimics being cuddled to sleep by their parents.

  • Benefits of Weighted Blanket in PTSD 

    Kids might also experience post-traumatic stress disorder at an early age, disturbing their capability to communicate with others. In addition, PTSD can prompt severe episodes of unease or obvious behavioral problems in children. It seems that the deep touch pressure provided by the weighted blanket can help lessen the signs of their anxiety disorder as the weight of the blanket can decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone) to help make them feel soothing.

Tips to Choose the Safety Weighted Blanket for kids

For a parent who has a kid with sensory problems, a normal child’s blanket might not be good to help them fall asleep and stay asleep effortlessly. That said, your kid’s therapist might have suggested using weighted blankets to calm your kid when they are on the edge of a meltdown. There are numerous factors that you require to take into consideration when purchasing a weighted blanket, like:

  • Fabric

    Weighted blankets are prepared from different kinds of fabric, from soft cotton to satin-cotton blends to flannel and more. Think about a breathable fabric that is similar to cotton versus flannel if your child tends to sleep hot.

  • Fillers

    Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing a weighted blanket is the sort of filler used. More frequently than not, steel shot beads, poly-pellets, and glass beads are often used for weighted blankets. Choose an environment-friendly, non-toxic filler for your kid.

  • Even Distribution of weight

    For a weighted blanket to be useful, the beads must be evenly distributed to deliver deep touch pressure. If the weight changes to one side, your kid is not getting even pressure all over their body. This issue is typically avoidable by choosing a blanket with exclusively stitched pockets to hold the fillers. In this way, you won’t have to concern about the glass beads from running to one side or falling in the other direction as your child shifts in their sleep.

  • Washable in Machine

    What also should you consider when buying a weighted safety blanket for your kid? It is also a good thing to ponder whether the fabric is washable in the machine or not, as you will need to wash the blanket at one point. Ensure that you follow the company’s directions on washing their weighted blanket to prevent it from damaging.

  • Weight

    Weighted blankets are found in the range from 5-30 pounds weight. The weight of the blanket is serious as you don’t want your kid to find the blanket to be too limiting. The normal method of measuring the weight of the blanket is 10% of the whole body weight and more than a pound or two. 

Where to Get Safety Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets aren’t a thing you run to mark for, so where do you buy them from? Luckily, you can now find them everywhere online. But you should buy from a trusted source. Here's a great starting place to buy safety weighted blankets:

With main shipping and easy returns, this is frequently one of the easiest choices. In addition, you can buy weighted blankets for your kids here.


Now that you know how to choose a good safety-weighted blanket for kids don't ignore to talk to your kid’s therapist with concerns about the weight and use of a weighted blanket for your kid’s sensory problems. This will help make sure that you are getting the right product for your kid.