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Are Mattress Toppers Worth It? Do They Really Work?

If you’re new to the world of mattress toppers, one thing you should know is that it is nothing like a cake topper that is just there for fun. Mattress toppers have come to become essential for most beds. The best way to describe a mattress topper is a removable, min-mattress that you can place on top of your mattress to improve comfort amongst other functions.

Mattress toppers help you sleep better and they give your body improved support, and also protect your mattress from wear. Regardless of what many people think, it is definitely worth looking into mattress toppers because of the numerous benefits that they offer to you. Whether for young people, children or the elderly, mattress toppers are worth the effort. 

Sleep Zone Blog, Are Mattress Toppers Worth It

Why should you use a mattress topper?

Improved sleep and comfort

Depending on your body type, you can find a suitable mattress topper that can provide you a better level of support on your mattress. With a better and more comfortable mattress comes longer hours of quality sleep. When you sleep well, your mind becomes clearer and it’s easier for you to think and achieve your tasks. A memory foam mattress topper can help to reduce the amount of pressure that your mattress impacts on your joints. Better support for your body frame leads to pain relief for you. Even if your mattress is bad, hard and old, a good mattress topper can make your bed more comfortable and let you squeeze a few more years out of even the most worn-out mattresses. There are also different materials that are used to make mattress toppers so you can be sure that you will see something that suits your sleeping needs perfectly. 

Longer lasting mattresses

Mattresses are pretty expensive and are an investment that you’d need to think twice about. Mattress toppers on the other hand are quite cheap and you’d get a high quality one for under $100 in most cases. If your mattress has gone through serious wear and tear over the years, you can add a mattress topper to your bed to help you sleep better on it for longer. Rather than change the mattress, you can keep changing the mattress topper, leaving you with a cleaner, less stressed bed that will command a fair resale value whenever you’re ready to invest in a new bed. A mattress topper also saves your mattress from spillages, stains and damage as it becomes a first layer of defence against damage for your mattress. You can also transfer a mattress topper to another mattress instead of buying another one.

Many options in customizing your mattress firmness

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to try out your mattress before buying it. Other times, you order it online or based on a recommendation and so you only try it when it gets delivered. Now, if the firmness is not what you want and you’re unable to return the mattress, you can find yourself stuck with an expensive problem. Here’s where mattress toppers come in. If your mattress is too firm, you can use a soft mattress topper to reduce the hardness and make it easier for your body to sink into it. If the reverse is the case, there are also firm mattress toppers that can add more firmness and give your body all the support you need. Mattress toppers allow you to customize the firmness of your mattress in an inexpensive way. You can also even combine different mattress toppers to your heart’s desire.


When is buying a mattress topper a good idea?

Some of the most popular mattress toppers are made from memory form and are quite cheap. Here are some situations where a mattress topper works best for you. 

  • You already have a great mattress but the firmness makes you uncomfortable. You can easily use a topper to reduce the firmness.
  • Your home has a hideaway sofa bed with uncomfortable features that hurt your back. Add a mattress topper on it makes it so much less uncomfortable.
  • You usually have a lot of guests and not enough rooms for them to sleep. Mattress toppers can be used by themselves as beds on the floor for your young guests. They’re also fun to take along on camping and RV trips.
  • You travel a lot and wish to make sure your hotel beds are more comfortable for you. You can take a mattress topper with you so that any mattress feels more like home for you.

How long do memory foam mattress toppers last?

You can buy a great mattress topper online and use it for a very long time. When you buy a quality mattress pad, you can use it for up to ten years even! To get the best use from your memory foam mattress topper, make sure you buy one that has a density of more than four pounds. While these may be costlier than the ones that are less dense, they tend to last much longer and save you money over time. You’d usually get at least five good years of daily use from a good mattress topper which makes them a great addition to your bedding supplies when you’re setting up your bedroom.

Final thoughts

Mattress toppers work and offer so many benefits that you can enjoy for years. They save you money on replacing bad or worn-out mattresses while ensuring that you sleep better at night. While a quality mattress topper will cost several hundreds of dollars, it pays to buy the best quality one you can find from a store that you can trust. You should also check the density of the mattress topper to be sure that it fits your needs. When you weigh all the benefits, it becomes clear that there is a mattress topper that offer you everything you need whether it’s better sleep or a cheaper alternative to buying an entire new mattress.

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