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10 Eco-friendly Habits to Save the Planet

10 Eco-friendly Habits to Save The Planet

There are a few habits that we should adopt to save our environment and keep our environment clean and healthy.

Save water

Saving water is the most important thing. By saving water we can provide water to those who do not have an excess of water. We can save water by using shower taps. We should close the taps while brushing teeth and washing dishes.

Do not use plastic bags & bottles

Plastic bags and bottles are the most harmful things for our environment because it cannot be recycled and decayed in the environment. Plastic not only harms our environment but also effects our health. So we should try to avoid them.

Save energy

Energy should be saved no matter in what form it is present either in electricity or in gas form. By saving energy in our homes, offices, and our schools we can save our environment in a better way. We should turn off extra lights and fans. In this way, those people will also get an appropriate amount of energy who are deprived of it. 

Plant trees

Planting trees can solve most of our environmental issues. The most important thing we will get rid of air pollution. Planting trees will also improve our health as trees play role in releasing our stress.

Recycle things

Recycling is one of the best ways to decrease environmental pollution. We should try our best to avoid wasting useful things. Like a broken glass or cup can be used in place of a vase. Recycling things will help us to save our environment as well as our money.

Use public transport

There are many benefits to using public transport. It will help to release our stress issues as when we drive our car we are stressed. The second thing it will help to save our energy (petrol or electricity). By traveling in public transport we will save our time and energy.

Use energy-efficient machines

The best way to save energy is to use energy-efficient machines and cars. This will also save our money as they consume a very low amount of electricity. Use LED lights in our homes to avoid excess use of electricity. We should use hybrid cars to lessen the petrol consumption.

Use biodegradable things

Biodegrade able things are made with such type of material that will dissolve in the soil easily. Means when these things are trashed on soil, they automatically dissolve in the soil without harming our environment and soil. This will help to reduce environmental pollution.  

Drive less

Drive less and walk more is one way of saving our energy sources. In this way, we keep ourselves and our environment healthy and clean. This will decrease air pollution as petrol consumption will decrease

Use solar energy

Solar energy is the best way to save our environment, energy, and money. We should try our best to use solar energy devices as it will decrease our electricity bills and it is available in I very large amount. It is easily accessible and those who do not have excess to electricity can easily use solar energy.

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