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15 winners for products giveaway!

🍻🎉We Got Our Winners🎉🍻

Official Update: we have picked all 15 winners from the "15 free items giveaway", the full list is here:
Buy Sleep Zone Life Cooling Home Textile Mattress Cover Comforter Cover Bed Sheets Pillowcases Navy Blue King Sleep Hot Best Price Giveaway Winner

Mattress Pad Winners are:
Tanya Carnahan(Facebook ID:3804316892934305)
Kim Pettyjohn(Facebook ID:2817485571655423)
Jennafer Elaine Acklin(Facebook ID:2419581658133266)
Kaitlyn Flemington(Facebook ID:2879359762139392)
Deborah Parsons(Facebook ID:2349196608449816)

Duvet Cover Set Winners are:
Rhonda Rowe(Facebook ID:2341665482592092)
Cathy Wilcox(Facebook ID:2332455153471054)
Stacy Giacosa(Facebook ID:2197370037027334)
Kayla Nicole(Facebook ID:2308214869299294)
Becky McClure(Facebook ID:2784611234900960)

Sheet Sets Winners are:
Nik Sones(Facebook ID:2301529956569572)
Mandie Johnson(Facebook ID:2914011961946219)
Martha DeMeo(Facebook ID:2362671310516511)
Barbara Riffe(Facebook ID:2906583092746130)
Donna Blankenship(Facebook ID:2584781938250735)

Congratulations to all winners! If you are a winner, please send us a message. Please also tell your friends if you see their names on the list.

We will send a link to each of you with instruction to get your prize in soon(within 72 hours), please do check your Facebook message inbox. Please claim your prize within 48 hours after you receive the link, or the prize will expire itself.

Original Post:

Thanks again for everyone, and we will have another exciting giveaway in soon, keep following us. Love you all!


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