Designer Introduction

Solange Dematei

Fashion and Textile Designer

Designer, artist, passionate about drawing in all its ways. Sol works her point of view and designs with a lot of passion. She finds her inspiration in flowers, flowers and more flowers, as well as landscapes and artists like Raoul Dufy, Marc Chagall, Monet... She needs to surround herself with light and colors, as well as sounds and aromas of nature when she is outside.She fuels her inspiration with observation, and she tries to slow down the time minutely.


INS: pehuen_studio




Pehuen Studio Introduction

Based in the heart of Argentina, Pehuen Studio créates exclusive prints for

the global fashion industry. We are a professional team of designers

and illustrators with extensive experience in the textile industry.

We provide patterns for a wide range of markets, including women's wear,

children's wear, men's wear and home décor.

Our service is focused on customer requirements in accordance with their

market demands. We are inspired by our Latin American culture, as well

as fashion trends and traveling experiences. We combine digital techniques

and handmade drawings to achieve high visual quality designs.

We have an office located in the world textile pole, in Keqiao, Zhejiang, China.

This allows us to have a dynamic interaction with our clients, making the

processes more efficient. We also have Argentine and Chinese personnel

who improve the service.

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