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Q & A

 Sleep Zone Bedding Home Tips and Tricks

To make users know our products more precise, we will post "Q&A of The Day" once in a while, based on REAL users' questions and answers.

Q: When I bought my bed, a cooling mattress pad came with it. It makes you feel cool, but it also makes it feel wet. I don't know why that is?
A: Maybe the cooling mattress pad was using gel or other materials, which absorb heat in the beginning stage, but doesn't transfer them out. NanoTex Coolest Comfort is more like a system with pipes and will lead the heat out of the hot areas.

Q: If you wash your NanoTex Powered product, does it lose any of its ability?
A: We suggest users use neutral laundry detergent to wash the products; this will protect the NanoTex features. Acidic or alkaline ones may shorten the life-cycle.

Q: Is it(NanoTex) allergy-friendly?
A: Yes, it's allergy-friendly. Firstly it's made of microfiber, which is more likely hypoallergenic and NanoTex also helps keep the fabric dry so that the acrid will be much less.

Q: How long do you estimate the longevity of the product?
A: More than two years NanoTex functionality (assume you wash it one time every month), and the fabric will last at least five years (we did tearing and washing test in our lab, seriously)