Why You Feel Hot When Sleep and How To Sleep Cooler

In fact, thermoregulation is a key component of good sleep at night.

When you try to sleep, your brain will give your entire body an order that it has to lower the temperature by 1-2 degrees Celsius to the sleeping level.

But simply as that decline in needed temperatures induces sleep, if you try to get some sleep in too hot of an environment, you’ll wake up or even unable to fall asleep.

Reasons you feel hot while sleeping

  • Exercise routine
  • Higher metabolism
  • Fluctuating hormone levels
  • Location & season
  • Not sleep alone
  • Bedding lacks cooling or breath-ability

Ways to sleep cooler

  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Open the windows
  • Take a warm shower before go to bed
  • Choose cool pajamas
  • Keep a distance with your bed-mate
  • Keep the blinds close during the day
  • Sleep in the nude
  • Tie your long hair up
  • Sleep downstairs
  • Move your mattress on the floor
  • Use bedding products with cooling functions
  • Use a fan & place a bowl of ice in front of the fan

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