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Tips for a Dust Free Bedroom

Household dust consists of microscopic organisms, particles of human skin, dead bugs, cobwebs, sand, dust bunnies, food crumbs and any other fine particles that may shed from pets or fabrics. Prolonged periods in a dusty room can irritate your sinuses, reduce the quality of the air you breathe and contribute to allergies. Your bedroom can get very dusty, and since this a place where you spend hours at a time, sleeping, studying or hanging out, you want it to be dust free and comfortable.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce dust in your bedroom:

  1. Clean flooring – Vacuum your carpet, sweep and mop your floor several times a week to keep it dust-free
  2. Vacuum or ‘beat’ your mattress and couch cushions- It’s advisable to beat the dust or vacuum it out of large and heavy items such as your mattress, sofas and cushions. Doing this once every few months can help in reducing dust.
  3. Wash your bedding – Change your sheets and pillowcases and wash them frequently so that they are always fresh and clean. Once a week is enough to reduce the presence of dust in your room
  4. Change air filters in air vents – if your home is outfitted with a central cooling or heating system, clean the filters or change them to avoid massive dust and dirt build-up which can be unhealthy
  5. Invest in an air purifier – setting up an air purifier in your bedroom can filter out many bad odors, dust particles and allergens which could affect your sinuses 
  6. Tidy up clutter – Keep your room clutter-free. Neatly arrange your room so that nothing is piled on the floor or corners. Place dirty clothes in baskets for washing, use shelves or cupboards to store your books and other items, wipe down your walls and dust your furniture to eradicate dust build-up
  7. Keep pets well-groomed – If you have pets that frequent your room, try to brush their fur often and bathe them regularly to reduce fur shedding and any sand tracking in from outdoors.
  8. Don’t walk inside with shoes on – Take off your dirty shoes when you enter the house and use a pair of house slippers for indoor use only
  9. Reduce the amount of carpet and rugs in your room – Carpets and rugs are dust magnets. If it’s possible to switch to hardwood flooring or tiles, do it. They are easier to clean and manage.Use a damp cloth or opt for microfiber cloths – When cleaning and wiping down dusty surfaces use a damp cloth to avoid ‘raising’ the dust. Microfiber cloths trap dust and contain it so that it does not get scattered back into the air.

If you notice a thin layer of dust forming on your furniture or you wake up with a stuffy nose from dusty sheets every morning, clean up as soon as possible. The bottom line to keeping your room dust-free is to clean frequently!

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