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We thank everyone who shared your great ideas and funny things you do during this time. You made this trying time more manageable. What's more, the smiles on your faces are the best flavor, because laughter is the best cure!

Here are the 20 winners from this giveaway:
Wendy Paschal McMahan, Kristina Collier, Mary Soliz, Eve Khoo, Linnzie Lee Pieper, S Elizabeth Fields, Bridget Nichole, Aubrey Scott Daniels, Amy Craft, Jennifer Chapin, Jenny Merritt, Al N Jennie Porter, Ashley Baker, Michelle Simons, Amanda Fajardo, Stephanie Bednash, Amanda Roure, Cara Simon, MarilynLegault, Pam Powell.

Each winner will get free bedding, and please contact us if you see your name above. Also, tell your friends if you see their names.

Thanks again for all followers, we're so grateful you're all here. Keep safe!

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