Best Pillow for Your Late Night Pillow Talk



Imagine you lying down in bed with your significant other after a long day of work, and you both talk before going to sleep. Pillow talks can be healthy for your relationship, but have you thought about what’s healthy for your physical health? What you rest your head on: your pillow is very important for both your sleep quality and your spine.


What is Shredded Memory Foam?


Although traditional memory foam does remember your shape and seems very high-tech, however, it is often stiff and creates discomfort. That’s where shredded memory foam comes in. Like its name indicates, shredded memory foam is pieces of memory foams that can be used as fillings in a pillow. The individual foam pieces can move independently and allow the sleeper to change the pillow into whatever shape you like.


Benefits of Shredded Memory Foam 


  1. Shredded memory foam distributes support evenly while conforming to the person’s shape
  2. Shredded memory foam is breathable and cooler, because there are spaces between the pieces of foam.
  3. It is hypoallergenic. Unlike down pillows, which can cause allergic reaction, shredded memory foam is hypoallergenic.
  4. They are durable.
  5. They are machine washable.


SLEEPZONE® Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Introducing the SLEEPZONE® Shredded memory foam pillow. This pillow has three parts: cover, liner and filling. The cover incorporates Nanotechnology (partnered with NanoTex®) to create a cooling and breathable surface that absorbs moisture from your face to make you feel drier and cooler. Also, the surface of this pillow is made of real bamboo material. This all-natural product is good for anyone.


Inside the pillow, you will find that the filling is made of shredded memory foam with Invista® fiber. The fiber is important as it ties the shredded memory foam pieces together so the pieces can move and be stable at the same time, creating a more premium sleeping experience. This is what makes SLEEPZONE® pillow stands out from most of the shredded memory pillows on the market. Also, it is machine washable and exchangeable, meaning you can easily take them off for wash.

The pillow also comes with YKK® patented zipper and the pillow cover is easily removed with the zipper smoothly. With filling being removable, you can adjust your pillow’s size as you wish. As we discussed in this article, the purpose of shredded memory foam is to customize your pillow, and with YKK® patented zipper, you can customize your pillow size with more ease.




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